Pure Detail Co. is your source for top quality ceramic and graphene coating services that will leave your vehicle looking and feeling amazing for many years! As a trusted local provider of premium auto detailing services, you can depend on us to deliver quality services each and every visit.

Disclaimer for Warranty

All warranties cover the durability of the coating. These coatings help prevent any type of contaminants from sticking to your vehicle and causing harm to the surface of the paint’s clear coat. Examples of contaminates include the following items: bird droppings, bugs, light scratches in the clear coat, brake dust, and pollen. Do note that once the vehicle leaves our hands, it is then the customer’s responsibility to ensure all maintenance guidelines are followed in order to get the most out of your coating.

The Process

We begin with a 3-step wash

  1. The vehicle is stripped with a degreaser
  2. Snow foam hand wash
  3. Clay bar the entire surface of the vehicle to remove all contaminants

Paint Correction & Coating Application

  1. Machine polish to remove swirls, light scratches, and other imperfections on the vehicle
  2. Sealant applied
  3. Ceramic or Graphene Coating is applied. (Standard ceramic coating applications involve a longer process)

In order for the coatings to be effective, they MUST NOT get wet during their “cure” time. For best results, the vehicle should remain in a covered space for at least 12 hours following the application.

Once your coating has cured, your vehicle’s maintenance becomes much easier. A simple rinse with water and drying will have your vehicle looking great again in no time. 

To keep your coating performing and looking it’s best, be sure to check out our maintenance packages. For our ceramic customers, we not only use specialty soaps that are recommended for the coating, but we will also use products that actually enhance it!

With any coating service, we also wipe down the interior and vacuum your vehicle!

The Cost

All coatings with a 2-year warranty start at $699

All coatings with a 5-year warranty start at $999


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